Payments are expected to be made monthly, at the FIRST lesson of the month.        


Cancelled Lessons and Makeup Lessons


Student should notify the teacher in advance of any absence, so the makeup lesson can be scheduled.

If the teacher has not been notified of an absence within 24 hours of the scheduled lesson time (with obvious exception of emergencies) payment in full will be expected. Please understand that your payment reserves an exclusive weekly time in the schedule for your child. Unannounced absences can cause Student to lose their privilege of rescheduling lessons.

In the unusual event of the teacher canceling a lesson, she will gladly reschedule it at the earliest possible time.


Terminating Lessons

The teacher may terminate lessons due to negative behavior, failure to practice, or failure to comply with studio etiquette.

 If termination is initiated by the parent or student, 1 month NOTICE or PAID TUITION is required.


Books and Materials


The cost of music books and/or other materials that I purchase for you will be charged separately from tuition, and payment is due when materials are received.  If you prefer, you may make purchases yourself from a music store, such as MR MUSIC, or online.  After a few months, a metronome is highly recommended.  You may purchase a simple one or use one of the metronome apps now available on the newer phones and on some computers.